Tim on the Ancient Appian Way near Rome

Most organizations today face significant challenges in leadership development, change management, ethics & compliance, and creating and sustaining an effective organizational culture.

Tim is a compelling speaker who will inspire your organization to build these capabilities.

Below you can hear an intro on Leadership.

"The person at the top is not the only person who leads, and it's not the only person who emanates all the good things about leadership."


Purpose, Direction,
& Character

Organizational Culture

Ethical, High Performance, Innovative

Ethics & Compliance

The Nuts & Bolts

Change Management

Adjust, Adapt or Transform?

Looking for an engaging speaker on leadership, with ideas that you can actually use?

Tim combines realistic observations (hierarchy is inevitable, some people don’t want to be leaders, charisma is dangerous) with inspiration (character does matter).

He gives you insights you can apply NOW.