About Timothy T Lupfer

Timothy T. Lupfer’s dark secret is that he grew up in New Jersey.  Once you get around the New Jersey jokes, his life has been pretty interesting.  He entered West Point at the age of 17 and in 1972 graduated first in his class.  From 1973 to 1975 he attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, earning a degree in Modern History.  He served in various combat-ready units in the US and Germany and taught military history as an Assistant Professor at West Point. From 1990-91 he commanded a reinforced battalion (over 700 soldiers and 58 tanks) in combat in Desert Storm.

Upon retiring from the military in 1992, he became an executive at R.H. Macy and then became a management consultant, first with McKinsey, and then ending his career with Deloitte Consulting.  While consulting, Tim worked with several companies and organizations in leadership, change management, and talent management. After the Enron crisis, Tim focused on ethics and compliance, leading that effort as a Managing Director for Deloitte Consulting. He has worked with a wide variety of industries and agencies and has given numerous presentations throughout his career.

Tim now spends his time by drawing on his extensive experience in speaking and writing. He gets a kick out of traveling with his wife (and high school sweetheart), enjoying the outdoors, and trying to keep up with their seven grandchildren.