Time To Inject Tough Love Into The Conversation

The purpose of this book is to bring us back to what leadership is: The role of affecting followers to achieve the organizational goals.

Leadership Tough Love introduces ideas and observations that run counter to much current thinking on leadership. Timothy Lupfer takes a sober look at what leaders are and what they aspire to do. He firmly believes the time has come to inject some tough love into the leadership conversation.

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The Dynamics of Doctrine

This latest Leavenworth Paper is a case study in the wartime evolution of tactical doctrine. With the publication of Captain Timothy Lupfer’s study, “The Dynamics of Doctrine,” the Combat Studies Institute adds another dimension to the history of the processes of doctrinal change.

Besides providing a summary of German infantry tactics of the First World War, this study offers insights into the crucial role of leadership in facilitating doctrinal change during battle. It once again reminds us that success in war demands extensive and vigorous training calculated to insure that field commanders understand and apply sound tactical Principles as guidelines for action and not as a substitute for good judgment. It points out the need for a timely effort in collecting and evaluating doctrinal lessons from battlefield experience.

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