What makes a real leader?  Retired Army Lt. Col. Timothy Lupfer is a guest on the Kim Monson Show "Let's have a conversation!"  Lt. Col Lupfer graduated first in his class at Westpoint and commanded a combat tank battalion during Desert Storm.  In this podcast, Tim explains why Leadership may require some tough love.

In this episode, I chat with leadership and history expert Timothy Lupfer. As someone who likes to mix those two topics myself, I found this discussion riveting. Welcome to this episode of the burden of command podcast. Today I've got a really special guest as somebody who falls in line a lot with my philosophies on leadership and some of the guests we've had on here as well.

Timothy Lupfer’s entire life has been a study of leadership. Lean in as he discusses his experience with crisis and the qualities in leadership that matter on The Master Leadership Podcast.

Timothy Lupfer: A New Look at Leadership on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

Tim Lupfer has been an army officer, commanding a tank battalion in combat, then a business executive, and now he wants to save the world from muddled thinking about leadership.  He draws from his experience and history to offer us a more precise way to assess and develop leaders.

Timothy Lupfer: An Introduction on Leadership

Hear why "The person at the top is not the only person who leads, and it's not the only person who emanates all the good things about leadership."

Timothy Lupfer: Discusses Charisma & Leadership don't mix!

We don't need something that appears to be magic and we certainly don't need something that in so many cases has led to complete ruin.